Other Trips

One of the best ways to see the natural wonders of Long Island is by sea. Take a boat tour through the mangroves, relax and view the exquisite scenery! Various bird species will fly by, rays will play along side of the boat and our crystal clear ocean will afford shimmering glimpses of the Bahamian underwater world.

Cruise to nearby pristine cays and small islands, spend half a day in the sun, gliding through the seas as dolphins ride the wake of your boat and sea turtles swim curiously by. Snorkel and experience first hand the magnitude of our underwater colors. Long Island and its clear blue waters is truly a snorkelers paradise!

Troll for the predators of the deep, or anchor on coral heads to catch your own dinner! Whether you’re exploring the mangrove thickets or just taking an adventure trip to Sandy Cay, an exploration of Long Islands seas may be the highlight of your vacation.