Columbus Harbor Tour

Columbus Bay, Mangrove and Columbus Point Boat Tour!

@ $600,– for ½ charter

What a wonderful half-day enjoyment it is to be slowly meandering through the mangrove thickets of this completely protected – no matter what the ocean does – water-through-way, starting at where Christopher Columbus stepped onto Long Island’s shore in 1492, calling this water way a ‘river’, which separates our main land from its offspring “Newton Cay”, an island of some 2 mile length, a stone’s throw across. Your guide-captain operates the ever-so comfortable 20’ pontoon boat, of shallow draft, outboard powered, at a leisurely pace, enabling you to watch for bonefish, for sting rays, mullets and needle fish, and more than anything for turtles! They are everywhere in this bay! Half-way in, the channel becomes an ocean lake. Call for a stop anywhere, drop over, dip in! It’s so easy, kids of any age will have a ball!

Avid bird watchers will love the Egrets and Herons that reside in this bay! When nearing the north point, if you wish, stop at a small beach for a walk-up to gorgeous Columbus Monument! From there, some 100 feet/plus above the ocean, you have a wonderful all-round view across the north of the island, across Newton Cay, and across miles and miles of ocean where Columbus sailed, from visible Rum Cay and Conception Island all the way to the Exuma Islands.

Then, when coming to the “Cut”, where Newton Cay and Long Island meet at a 150’ opening, if the outside ocean is calm continue to the north shore and see “The Caves”, which could well have been a burying point for pirate’s treasure. To be honest, none has been found, while many of us have already looked, but just traveling by – and better yet – snorkeling into some of them – is well worth your time! Plus – the rock-coral-mixed reef edge of this shore is very pretty, residential and traveling fish-live being quite active.

Of course, you may take lunch along and enjoy it while dropping anchor just anywhere … or unpacking it at the shore.

This trip, including its return to the same point of earlier entry, takes about 3.5 hours. These will be ever-so relaxing and rewarding hours, which – we are certain, you will treasure in your vacation memories!