What to bring

Rods and Reels:

  • 7- 8 – 9 weight rods for Bonefishing and Permit
  • 10 weight rods for Barracuda Fishing and occasional Tarpon Fishing
  • Reels that will hold about 150-200 yards of backing and floating line

Fly rods are available for rent at the Bonafide Fly Shop @ $30,– per day, Spin Rods @ $10,– per day!

Assorted Bonefish Flies (sizes 2/4/6):

  • Assorted Gotchas
  • Mantis Shrimp
  • Snapping Shrimp
  • Assorted Clousers
  • Tan Yarn Crabs
  • Assorted Crazy Charlies
  • Mini Mantis

* Colors that work the best: tans/browns/white/pinks and oranges

Personal Gear:

  • Sunglasses with polarized lenses and UV protection
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants – suited for tropics
  • Light Weight Rain Jacket
  • Hat
  • Wading Booties
  • Sun Gloves
  • Insect Repellent Spray
  • Sun Block Lotion

*Note: all of these items can be purchased on Long Island, at The Bonafide Fly & Tackle Shop including a selection of Bonefish and Permit flies that work best on our flats.