The Flats

Bonafide Bonefishing offers a wide variety of superb flats fishing. Most of our bonefishing takes place in the leeside bays of “Adderley’s, Glenton’s and “Joe Sound”, a three to ten minute boat ride from the Stella Maris Marina, respectively. Just a touch further north, within another five to fifteen minutes’ ride, there are the flats of Cape Santa Maria and of Columbus Harbour. These are bonefish paradises, and offer added beauty: Mangrove thickets, mazes of sub-bays and streams and inlets, even small beaches suggesting taking an easy break from the strains of fishing.

Plus, an overland excursion, complete with trailored boat, can move you into the leeside flats of “Deadman’s Cay”, the Island’s main and farming town, some forty miles south offering miles and miles of interwoven and giant-pond-and channel-like bonefishing areas.

Long Island flats are made up of mostly hard sand surface, interspersed with beds of green turtle grass, truly offering the most varied and highest-catching potential bonefishing in the world. And the accompanying deep channels running along and into myriads of directions add the bonus prospects for bigger fish at any tide condition.